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HobNob Events General Information

If you still have a question after reading through the below, please contact us at Events@HobNobEvents.com.

HobNob Events manages the South Pearl Street Farmers Market in Denver. We strive to support and enhance the surrounding communities by providing a Farmers Market experience where a great variety of fresh and wholesome products can be found. We believe it is important to support our local community, therefore, all products must be grown, raised, produced or gathered by the vendor in the State of Colorado or in counties bordering the State of Colorado. In the case that a product is unavailable in the state of Colorado but we feel it would be a benefit to the market and the vendors we will evaluate the relationship between the vendor and the producer and make the best decision we can noting that sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.

The application deadline is February 15th, notice of acceptance or denial will be relayed by March 15th. Any applications received after February 15th will be evaluated after the first round of acceptances.

We are unable to accept applications sent to us via certified, registered or signature required mail. Online applications only, please.

The very best way to contact us is through email: Events@HobNobEvents.com.

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Dates, Hours and Locations

South Pearl Street Farmers Market

1400 + 1500 blocks of South Pearl Street (between Iowa and Arkansas)
Sundays, May 17, 2019 – November 19, 2019
9am – 1pm

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Seasonal Fees

Each market charges a seasonal fee, plus collects 10% of daily gross sales at the end of each market day. Fee varies depending on booth size. Electricity is available only at the South Pearl Street Farmers Market and on a limited basis, there is an additional fee if you need electricity. Please refer to the event applications for detailed information on event fees.

Drop-In Versus Full Season

If you select “Drop In” on your vendor application you are asking to be put on our list of vendors willing to fill an open space at one of the Farmers Markets on a as needed basis.

The process is as follows: When an open space in your category becomes available at one of the Farmers Markets, we will reach out to you to see if you are interested/available that one day. You simply let us know as soon as possible if you are available. If you are going to be joining us, you will then be sent load in instructions. You will also be given an envelope at the end of the Market to pay your drop in fee (see application for fee amount) plus 10% of your daily gross proceeds.

If you have a particular date(s) that you are available you are welcome to email Marilyn@HobNobEvents.com with those dates. This does not guarantee you a space on those days, it is just to let us know your availability. Most times there is not much advance notice (sometimes only 24 hours).

Please be aware that more than one vendor may be emailed asking to join the Market on a particular day, and that the first vendor to respond will be the vendor to secure the opening.

If you select "Full Season" you are signing up and agreeing to participate in the entire season of the market.

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Supporting Documents You Will Need

Supporting Documents will be checked on the first day of each market, you do not need to upload them to this application. 

The following documents are required (please note, not all documents apply to all vendor types, check with the Denver Permitting department if you have any questions):

  • State Sales Tax License
  • City of Denver Sales Tax License
  • Temporary Retail Food License
  • Fire Permit 
  • Liability Insurance

All vendors are required to obtain general liability insurance. Please name the market(s) you are participating in as additionally insured. HobNob Events and the respective markets are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred or caused by vendors.

Please refer to the Market Policies and Procedures for more information. 

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Being a Good Fit for Our Markets

First and foremost our Farmers Markets focus on providing fresh and wholesome local food and food related products.  We also strive to support the communities and surrounding brick and mortar businesses, by having vendors that complement their businesses, but do not directly compete. Please see below.

Our Markets are producers’ markets, interested in showcasing locally grown and artisan-quality, locally/directly sourced and produced foods and will not accept the following items at the markets:

  • Crafts outside of businesses on the street
  • Overly processed foods
  • Nationally distributed packaged foods
  • Businesses that operate under a franchise agreement
  • Food items not grown and/or processed by the vendor (there are a few exceptions to this)
  • Farmers, growers, ranchers and fishers may be asked to go through a phone interview or site visit before final acceptance

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Hand Crafted Items/Jewelry

Jewelry and craft items are not accepted at the Farmers Market.


Farm products that can be sold at the market include vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, flowers, plants, honey, seafood, meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products.

Ready to Eat Food, Beverages and Drinks

All prepared food vendors must show appropriate Health Department certification to the Market Manager. These permits must be displayed in public view during Market hours. All prepared food processor equipment/trailers must comply with Denver County Health Department regulations.

Baked Goods and Other Food Items

Our markets accept certain value added items which are grown and/or made by the vendor such as baked goods, preserves, cheese, sausage, and smoked meats. All processed foods must be appropriately labeled with product name, ingredients, net weight, price, vendor’s name and address. We encourage sampling of your products to our patrons.

The Colorado Cottage Foods Law: Passed in 2012 allows for the manufacture and sale of some baked goods without any licensing or regulatory requirements.  See this link for more information under the “Guidance on Colorado Cottage Foods Bill” heading:


Operating under this law will have a number of requirements that must be adhered to, including education requirements and a cap on the amount of revenue generated.  Also these foods can only be sold retail—not wholesale.  In order to operate under this law at a temporary event, a vendor must have all their food prepackaged (no open food handling at the event) and labeled according to the requirements in the law (see the link for more info). 

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Obtaining a Temporary Retail Food License

To obtain a temporary retail food license, you must:

  1. Complete an Affidavit of Commissary. A commissary kitchen is a licensed, inspected commercial kitchen that is used for food and equipment storage, food preparation, and ware-washing. The affidavit of commissary must be completed by you in conjunction with the commissary operator. If your commissary kitchen is outside the City and County of Denver, the establishment must be currently licensed with the proper regulatory agency.
  2. Complete the Temporary Restaurant Acknowledgement Letter. This letter specifies requirements pertaining to the operation of your temporary restaurant. Please be aware that in addition to the requirements outlined in the acknowledgement letter, the temporary restaurant shall operate within the rules and regulations of the City and County of Denver Food Establishment Regulations.
  3. Submit the completed forms to the Denver Department of Environmental Health, Public Health Inspection at 200 W. 14th Ave, Suite 200 via fax at 720-865-5532 or via email at phicomments@denvergov.org. After review of both documents, an approved Affidavit of Commissary and a copy of the acknowledgement letter will be returned to the operator. A copy of both documents will be kept on file at the Denver Department of Environmental Health.
  4. Submit the approved Affidavit of Commissary to the Denver Department of Excise & Licenses, located on the 2nd floor at the Wellington Webb Building at 201 W. Colfax Avenue, to obtain a Temporary Restaurant License.

For more information on temporary restaurant licenses please visit: www.denvergov.org/phi

Denver Tax Rate:

The Denver Tax Rate is 4.31%

A Note on Festivals

Festivals all have their own application and deadlines. Please check the Event Vendor Application Page for both.

If the deadline for a Festival has passed, we encourage you to still apply as there are times when an accepted vendor must drop out (sometimes at the last minute) and we will then reach out to our wait list or newly applied vendors.


If you would like to have HobNob Events help with your event please contact Marilyn via Email at Events@HobNobEvents.com or by phone at 303.734.0718.

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